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Partners and Advisors

Eitan and Debbie Beth-Halachmy
Founder of Cowboy Dressage®
Wolf Creek Ranch
Grass Valley, CA
lynnLyn Ringrose Moe
Acampo, CA
(209) 747-0984
Garn Walker
Kerrville, TX
(530) 305-4341
Garn Walker Stables
Wyatt Paxton
(530) 784-8000

Cowboy Dressage World is a community, and we could not succeed without the support of our advisors, volunteers and sponsors.

Jenni Grimmett DVM

Email: dgrimmett@live.com Jenni’s Blog

Jack Brainard

Email: jackbrainard@yahoo.com Find on Facebook www.jackbrainard.com

Bonnie Glasgow

Pilot Point, TX Email: bonniepnh@mac.com www.cowboydressageoftexas.com

Dr. Robert Miller, DVM

Find on Facebook www.robertmmiller.com

John Moe

Email: jmoe1951@gmail.com Acampo, CA

Sara Uhalde

Scribe mentor/advisor.
Email:  sarauhalde@yahoo.in (530) 526-1490

JoAnn Gillespie

Cowboy Dressage Event Coordinator and Media Specialist
Email: cowboydressageworldevents@gmail.com

Sheryl Strathman

Cowboy Dressage World Professional Association (CDWPA)
Email: horseplayx5@sbcglobal.net

Cowboy Dressage Show Support

Beverly Meyers/Kelly Dennison – Show Secretaries,  Wyatt Paxton,  MEC Show Chairman/Manager, Kelsey Morris- Office Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator, Ron Smith – Assistant Show Manager and Barn Manager, Nadine Paxton Silent Auction,  Court Manager Cody Pendent, Hospitality-  Melissa Walker, Activities Coordinator- John Moe

Cowboy Dressage Youth Coordinator

Jill Von Ilten Email: jillsquilt@gmail.com

Website Administrator / FaceBook Manager / Event Manager

Donna Muñiz Email: donna@silvermoongraphics.com Find on Facebook

Leslie Deutsch with Blue Fountain Photography Photos by Lesley Deutsch Blue Fountain Photography

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