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Real-Time Show Results on Fox Village

Did you all know that your show results stream “real time” at

You can even use your mobile phone to grab your results, real time and get instant placing’s.

  2. Go to
  3. Click on Mobile Results (left side – yellow button)
  4. Select Year and State
  5. Locate the show by the date it was or is being held
  6. Click on the show
  7. NOW YOU can search by name of class OR hit the button at the top called Rider list and search by Rider

Check out our list below for a show or clinic in your area!

Or to add your event, email the information to:

Event Manager

Donna Muñiz Email:

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Submit Your Event

* Mandatory Any questions or problems with your event, please contact: EVENT MANAGER Donna Muniz Events must be Cowboy Dressage® Events only. Any changes must be submitted by email to the event manager.  If possible, please include the event link.  

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Events by Location

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Kudos to Show Winners!

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