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Hosting a Show

Please read the Criteria and Information by clicking on the link below.

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Cowboy Dressage The Competition

For all tests, rules, diagrams, call sheets, courts and general competition information visit

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Judging Educational Program

Judges by far have the largest impact and shape the future of Cowboy Dressage®.  Riders will return from a Cowboy Dressage show and take to heart the judge’s comments on their score sheet.  Judges have a  tremendous responsibility, so Cowboy Dressage World is very selective about giving any judge “Recommended” status. The judge is not …

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Resources, Help, Instruction, Clinicians, and Judges

Cowboy Dressage® at Wolf Creek Ranch CDWPA Cowboy Dressage World has experienced enormous growth and the projections for continued growth world wide are staggering. With the need to present and maintain the best of Cowboy Dressage for our eager public the Cowboy Dressage World Professional Association has been created. Please visit the website and see …

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Cowboy Dressage® The Courts ©

Eitan created the Cowboy Dressage® Court simply because it made good sense. Most of the short dressage courts of today are built on 8 M and 12 M increments or 6 M and 14 M increments but circles are in 10 M and 20 M increments. Eitan had taken the smaller dressage court (20 M …

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How to Start Cowboy Dressage in Your Area

It is best to start building interest and education at a low level. Keep whatever you do affordable and fun. Do not jump into shows. You must build first and the support for shows will follow. We recommend that you build for a year before taking on a large event. Networking is the key. Cowboy …

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