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Criteria and Information on Approved Cowboy Dressage® World Gatherings and Shows

Welcome to Cowboy Dressage® World. It is our goal to help you host the very best Cowboy Dressage® World Gathering/Show possible.  Cowboy Dressage® World is here to help and support you in your event endeavors as much as possible. Please feel free to call upon us when any need arises. We look forward to building this new and exciting equestrian discipline together.

Cowboy Dressage® does not belong to a few people, it belongs to all those who embrace it. We at Cowboy Dressage® World are just the custodians.  The future of Cowboy Dressage® is in your hands.  It is a HUGE responsibility and undertaking and we ask that you not take it lightly. It is a commitment from the heart first and foremost and we ask that the shows be run according to the high standard that will be set forth below.

All Cowboy Dressage® World rules must be followed as stated here, in Rules and Guidelines.


  • All office and grounds staff must be courteous, patient, and welcoming at all times to all exhibitors.
  • At no time is the office to take advantage of an unfortunate situation such as sick rider, sick horse to ask for a post entry for a simple change of horse or rider. Be “fair” about post entry charges.
  • If a rider is having serious problems or is having an unsafe ride the judge or rider can stop the test. At that point, the rider may ask if the rider would like to “scratch” the class and use the remaining time to school with support from trainer or instructor. No refund is allowed.
  • Gathering/Show must have a form for comments that can be put in a box or handed in at office.
  • Gathering/Show must send thank you notes to all sponsors in a timely manner.
  • Gathering/Show should have Concierge booth
  • If there are multiple rings, the arenas must be clearly marked. A notice should be posted as to what tests are in each arena and a map of the grounds should be available if needed.
  • It is recommended that the Gathering/Show offer hospitality each morning.
  • Vendors should be welcomed and encouraged
  • Additional clinics and lectures are always a good thing to offer the “guests.”
  • If Equipment is not allowed in the competition it is not allowed in the warm up ring. No draw reins, gimmicks etc. This policy must be enforced by the GL or Show Manager.
  • Any abusive behavior to horse or fellow exhibitors is not tolerated in any way. Anyone out of line must be given a warning. If the abusive behavior continues, the competitor can be asked to leave the show and no awards given or refunds. This is the responsibility of the show manager or GL to monitor and enforce. Use common sense and judgment…the abuse should be obvious. Always be courteous and helpful in these situations. Approach should be made in the attempt to be helpful, never judgmental or condescending.
  • Cowboy Dressage® World requests that a brief summary of the event be sent to Cowboy Dressage® World, along with any written comments that the management feels pertains to Cowboy Dressage® World directly. Please send by email to: eitan@foothill.net
  • Show Management must encourage all staff and volunteers take the Cowboy Dressage World Membership with a Handshake. Click Here for Membership.


  • Show Secretary: Gathering/Show must have a show office staff (office help, test runners, test tabulators), supervised by the show secretary
  • Assistant Show Secretary:
  • Gathering Liaison: The GL is a person with adequate knowledge of the Cowboy Dressage® World Hand Shake, Code and Rules. They must also have adequate horsemanship skills. Garn Walker (530.305.4341) or Lyn Ringrose-Moe (209.747.0984) can be contacted with questions on rules, equipment and abuse issues during the show if GL is not available or a clarification is needed.
  • Show Manager
  • Stable Manager
  • EMT ( mandatory for any show with over 200 rides. If not used an emergency # must be posted)
  • Vet and Farrier on site or on call. (contacts must be posted outside show office)
  • All staff must be Handshake Members Click Here for Membership.


  • All shows must have full liability insurance.
  • All shows must sign a licensing agreement.
  • A liability clause for Cowboy Dressage® World must be included in the registration form.
  • The Gathering/Show must name Cowboy Dressage® World as additionally insured. Proof must be provided to Cowboy Dressage® World one week before the show starts.
  • A copy of the insurance is to be mailed to: Cowboy Dressage® World, c/o Lyn Ringrose-Moe, PO Box 207, Clements, CA 95227
  • The Gathering/Show must sign the Cowboy Dressage® World Release of Liability form and mail to the address above.


  • All tests, diagrams and call sheets can be found here: Judges Scoresheets, Test Diagrams and Call Sheets
  • Tests must be printed duplex legal size (test on one side, cover sheet on the other side)
  • Cover sheet must be completely filled out and presented to judges
  • Gathering/Show must offer all Cowboy Dressage® tests, other than optional tests below:
  • Freestyle Walk/Jog©
  • Freestyle Walk/Jog/Lope©
  • Walk/Jog/Lope #5©
  • Walk/Jog/Lope #6©
  • Walk/Jog/Lope #7
  • Challenge Test Walk/ /Jog/Lope # 2
  • Challenge Test  Walk/Jog/Lope #3
  • Score sheets must be organized in proper order to follow the day sheet and be ready for judge each morning. This should be prepared by show office.
  • Show secretary must council scribes to verify the test is correct with regards to rider and test being ridden BEFORE the ride begins. It is helpful if the caller announces the rider’s number and test before test begins.


  • Entry fees should be appropriate for the location of the show (e.g. $35-45/class, post entry $25-50)
  • Recommended closing date is one month prior to show date.
  • Maximum of 4 Under Saddle test per horse per day.
  • Maximum of 4 On the Ground Tests per horse per day
  • Refund policy must be clearly stated on the premium and registration, and posted at the show office.
  • All entries must be Handshake Member. Click Here for Membership
  • Up to a $25 fee can be charged for any non-members. ( this is on the honor system at this time)


  • Gathering/Show is required to hire a recommended Cowboy Dressage® World judge. A list of Recommended Cowboy Dressage® World Judges can be found here: Click Here for a list of recommended judges.
  • Gathering/Show must have a judge’s scribe
  • Gathering/Show must provide appropriate amenities for the judge (table/chair/pens/pencils/note paper/bell, water, blankets for warmth if needed)
  • Gathering/Show must provide adequate breaks for judges
  • Judge must have a brief meeting with competitors the morning of the first day of Gathering/Show for introductions and to answer any questions.
  • A contract between event and judges must be completed (example provided by Cowboy Dressage® World)


  • If a Gathering/Show spans more than one day, stabling must be offered. Stable manager must be hired.
  • Gathering/Show must have ample parking for competitors and spectators.
  • Gathering/Show must have ample bathrooms for the size of show.
  • Gathering/Show must have a feed/shavings outlet if show spans 2 or more days.


  • Gathering/Show must provide current call sheets of all offered tests in competition arenas
  • Gathering/Show must provide adequate footing
  • A Standard Cowboy Dressage® Court, Challenge Court, and Partnership Court must be used. It is not necessary that Brands be on cone letters.
  • Courts dimensions and set up can be found at www.cowboydressage.com/competition.htm
  • Rails for the court are optional
  • Gathering/Show must provide a volunteer at the back gate to keep riders on time and show on time.
  • A caller’s microphone is optional but recommended


  • After calculations are completed for all riders in a class, test results should folded in half and placed on a table for each rider to retrieve
  • Awards must be posted in a timely manner
  • Cowboy Dressage® Logo must be used on all ribbons
  • Classes must place first place through tenth place
  • Ribbons must be awarded first place through fifth place
  • Class placing must be posted outside show office in a timely manner
  • Overall Open and Amateur and Youth High Point and Reserve must be awarded. (Ribbons are fine or awards of shows choice)
  • Overall High Single Score must be awarded
  • Class Division High Point awards are optional
  • At Finals Gathering and Shows overall High Point and Reserve High Point ribbons must be presented.
  • Gathering/Show must include an overall veteran High Point ribbon (any US veteran or anyone wishing to ride in honor of a US veteran is eligible)
  • Gathering/Show must include a cancer High Point pink ribbon (any cancer survivor or patient or anyone wishing to ride in honor of a cancer patient or survivor is eligible)
  • Gathering/Show must include a judge’s award for the most improved rider for the duration of the show. To calculate this award, the judge identifies a horse and rider combination that showed marked improvement with each ride. The competitor is to receive an award in recognition of their efforts. In case of multiple rings, each judge submits their choice and the low and high scores for selected riders are taken. The competitor with the biggest difference between the low and high score is the award winner.
  • A class with only one participant does not count towards High Point Awards but does count towards High Score awards.


The rider is encouraged to memorize their tests.  The use of a caller is not mandatory.  Cowboy Dressage® World allows the rider to use a caller of their choice, however, the ultimate responsibility for accurate and correct riding of the test falls upon the rider.  If the rider chooses to use a caller, it is the rider’s responsibility to arrange for one.  Callers can post a flyer at show office in case of need.


A fee is to be paid to Cowboy Dressage® World as follows:

  • A minimum of $200, or $5/ride, whichever is greater.
  • Check made out to Cowboy Dressage World LLC can be sent to Cowboy Dressage World, c/o Lyn Ringrose-Moe, PO Box 207, Clements, CA 95227
  • Checks must be mailed and received within 15 days of completion of show
  • An accounting of number of entries must accompany check and signed by show Secretary.
  • Fees are due from any CDW Show that charges $21 or more per test. Any amount less than $21 is considered a play day or schooling show and is allowed to run without fees due to CDW.


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